Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ethan... nanna's little treasure box

I had an amazing phone call yesterday with Michaela my future daughter in law, she was so excited....she was at the hospital with my 8 year old grandson Ethan. He had an appointment with the cardiologist! he has been seeing the cardiologist since he was born, he had a hole in his heart and a heart murmur, well the exciting news is that Ethan has been discharged as the hole in the heart cannot be found in scans and the murmur is gone thats something to praise God about.
Ethan was born with charge syndrome and has been a patient under many different doctors since his birth. His major problem at birth was that he didnt have an anus hole! and had bowel problems inside which prompted an operation at 1 day old.  He also had a large head because of cysts in his brain. But the only thing any scans showed before birth was a renal infection!
Ethan aged 7 paddling in the stream near Scourton, Lancashire

Well God healed his brain cysts and the renal problem almost instantly after birth. he also had other defects... a problem with his eye as his pupil was not formed properly, it looks like a keyhole! he had an extra thumb and rib (the thumb was removed when he was toddler). He had dislocated hips and a hernia which were also fixed in the first operation. He also has a spinal problems where some of his vertebrae are malformed. He is waiting for major surgery for this. He suffers with back pain and cant walk very far without getting tired so uses a wheel chair some of the time. unfortunately this has caused him to be very overweight too.

There is a strong possibility that Ethan is also some where on the autistic spectrum but the diagnosis is still up in the air at the moment. He is extremely clever, he learned to read well before the usual age and picks up tunes and plays them on his keyboard very easily,

We understand that although charge syndrome has given him many battles in his life he is blessed! proving the doctors wrong in as much as we were warned at his birth that he may not hear or see or walk!!! oh but if you could see him now a little live wire full of love and a fantastic sense of humour, he is his nanna's little treasure box and I love him dearly, he always makes me smile and I thank God that He is still doing a healing work in his life.