Sunday, 10 June 2012

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my new blog
But whats it all about?
This is the first post on this blog so I thought it best to share with you what this blog is about......
that may sound very selfish but
Its about the many different things that make my heart sing, not all of these are actually "things" some are people even my God! but I am a complex person, I can hear my heart singing when a robin sits close by on a tree, when I look out to sea just pondering, when I sing a worship song to my God, when a friend wins a battle, when I spend time with my husband, family and friends or even my dog! but also when I get into my creative flow...
Primarily I am a creative person, I was born into a family of clever crafty artistic people. I have been involved in many crafts along the years from pyrography to paper-crafts cross stitch to patchwork quilting and crochet to knitting I don't confess to be a master of any craft but my heart sings when I create things, especially when they bless other people.

My posts may be about my most recent craft endeavor, it may be about what God is saying to me and my walk with Him, it may be the joy in my heart from something connected to family or friends or it could be a myriad of other subjects like colour, nature, my dog etc but one thing is for sure it will be something that has touched my heart.

thank you for reading this first post, please come back and read more as time goes by