Thursday, 24 January 2013

Westie and Scottie dogs first cuts

I finally found a little space to play with my Quickutz dog die and boy did I have fun!!!
I made the white ones first in honour of our Lulu our Westie. Lula has a selection of Bandannas so I made a template to create the ones on these dogs! I just can't decide which way round I like it best as she wears them both ways and looks mega cute whichever way around. Our Lulu wears pink ones but I want to sell these on eBay so I gave them a classic tartan look! I made some black Scottie dogs too;0)
What do you think?

Saturday, 12 January 2013

My New Fabulous Die

I know its a little late but...
I have had a break from blogging mainly due to health problems and general extreme busy - ness over Christmas so please excuse my absence. 

I can't get anywhere near my craft area at the moment as we have been having a clearout and guess where Kev has stored some "work in progress boxes?" yep right where I don't want them to be..... filling up my tiny craft area gggrrrrrrrrrrr ;o( But unfortunately I have no-where to move them to yet while we continue in our attempt to make more room in this tiny cramped little flat. This re-organizing is causing me a lot of frustration as I really want to play with some of my new dies I had for Christmas, especially this one.....
It's a Quickutz Revolution die and when I opened it I was shocked at how big it is. Whenever I think of Quickutz dies I think of those tiny little ones they are famous for. So the size of this die is a real surprise! This lovely image is on a 4"x4" metal plate and the actual dog will cut at approx 3.5" x 3" which is a fabulous size for card making and scrapbooking, One of the reasons that I am so thrilled with this Christmas gift in particular is that I am the proud owner of LULU.....
She is our adorable West Higland Terrier, and the most character-full dog I have ever known.
I can't wait to try this die using white or ivory card to see how much it resembles her. I may have to use a bit of colour and add a few hair stokes! but I think it will be super cool to send birthday cards to our friends who know Lulu with her image on the front.