Saturday, 21 July 2012

Introducing Our Lulu

Our Lulu is a 6 year old West Highland Terrier (Westie) she may be a small dog but she has a massive character!
I said in 2003 after my dog Judy died that I would never have another dog! it just hurts too much when they get ill and die. I wanted to save myself from that awful pain but in doing so I also starved myself of the immense pleasure a four legged friend brings too.
Well in august 2009 we were offered the opportunity to adopt Lulu as someone needed to re-home her. We had never had a small dog before but she melted us. We are so happy that we changed our mind and became her mum and dad, she is such a major part of our family now and we love her to bits.
God has shown me that when I close my heart to the possibility of pain I also close my heart to love and joy too. I have learned a valuable lesson to not close my heart again and my heart sings now.

just for fun we opened a facebook page for Lulu and to our surprise she has over 1070 friends all across the world most of which are pages for doggies! we have had a lot of fun putting on comments from her. If you have a doggy who wants to be her friend then search for Lulu Berrsley and send a friend requset. Its just for fun but why should life be too full of the serious stuff?

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