Thursday, 9 August 2012

Thursdays Three

Wow, Time flys by so quickly its Thursdays Three time againLOL
Today I have selected three of the toys that I cherished most from my childhood...
I loved my Pippa doll she was a lot smaller than Barbie or Sindy and I thought she was wonderful. I had a few outfits with accessories and enjoyed dressing her. I dont know why but she appealed to me a whole lot more than Barbie or Sindy, my friends had them with houses and cars etc but I was just happy with my simple Pippa! Maybe its because she was less materialistic and she didnt have stuff that other dolls had? just like me really my parents did there best but there were lots of girls around me who seemed to have everything!

I loved this game and if I ever get the chance to play it now I would still love it. I found it so exciting that I could most times work out the colour code, I felt very clever when I played adults and beat them. This gave me a lot of confidence in a world that seemed full of girls who were better than me...they all had nicer clothes and lots of possesions my family couldnt afford. I was never teachers pet and was always the last to be chosen to do anything at school. so when I mastered Mastermind it felt like finally I was good at something that everyone else couldn't seem to do. That sounds such a sad statement now but back then thats how life was!

I got my 2nd hand chopper bike I loved it. Everyone had yellow, blue or red chopper bikes, they were very popular but mine was metallic copper coloured and it glistened in the sun. I loved the freedom it gave me, I loved to feel the wind blowing through my hair as I rode it. I felt 10 foot tall because my daddy had managed to get me what I really wanted. They were happy innocent days I have some lovely memories of that time in my life.

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