Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Sorry I haven't blogged for over a year  
I have missed the fun of blogging and sharing my thoughts and creations. I have been absent because I have been seriously ill, I am now disabled and still coming to terms with my physical disability and the mental illness which caused me to be sectioned on a psychiatric ward for my 50th birthday and 5 and a half months of 2013 I missed the whole summer!. It's the biggest struggle I have ever had. I am now a shadow of the woman I once was. I am unable to work, so I have to depend on benefits now to exist, life is hard as we scrape through financially not even managing to pay all our bills but I am alive and desperate to get back to whatever normal is!

Lost But Loved
During this time of struggle, I found it hard to pray, to exercise my faith, and believe God cared about me or still had a plan for my life. I was upheld in prayer and loved by my friends and church family, I didn't appreciate it back then, I felt absolutely lost and very angry, but God is faithful even when I am not! I had a group of very close friends who loved me through and as I still struggle with depression and mood swings and try to find myself again, these friends are still there. my awesome family and friends are my greatest treasure in this life

Starting to Make Cards Again
I plan to start cardmaking again, and to blog regularly. I want to get back into challenges etc as I rediscover my crafting skills but I cannot buy any new dies or stamps or any of the other goodies which I loved shopping for previously, therefore I will be using what I've got ( I gotta lotta stash to get through!!!)! this in itself is a challenge a frustrating one but I will rise to it and enjoy myself too!

so I guess I better announce......
              ........I AM BACK!!!

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Katie said...

Theresa you are an amazing woman of god, keep trusting him in all you do and share his love with those you meet.. Your beautiful crocheting inspired me to start as a New Years resolution and I'm slowly getting better, keep posting your creations we love to see them!!!

Lots of Love Katie xxx