Friday, 28 February 2014

I'm Gonna Scream With Delight!!!

I am sooooooo excited I can hardly contain myself
next week I will celebrate my 51st Birthday! but we can't do anything as we have absolutely no money ;o(  However, 2 friends have both asked what I would really really like for my birthday? I knew exactly what I moving house somehow I have lost all my dies except just a few that were being used by my friend George. Why is it that life is all about loss??? That's all my birthday and Christmas gifts gone! I am very emotional and upset about this loss ;o(  To replace them all would cost hundreds of pounds that's money which I just don't have. So the offer to choose what I wanted was a no-brainer......    
 I WANT SOME DIES PLEASE my heart shouted.
Since I have been away from paper crafting Stephanie Weightman has designed and produced some amazing dies, they are the Tattered Lace collection, these dies are so different I am gobsmacked by them. It would be so easy to spend my friends money on replacing my original dies but I am believing that somehow they may be found (who knows maybe that's me just not wanting to let go?) So I decided to ask for some of these new Tattered Lace dies. Well it took a long time to choose which ones I wanted there were so many beautiful designs to choose from,  but I knew I needed some frames now that mine are all gone. along with the die my Kev is buying for me I have 6 dies on order, mostly frames except this one
I absolutely love these doves and can't wait to see the true size of them. I will show you all my birthday goodies when they arrive.,... I am soooooooo blessed....
But for now I will just have to contain my excitement I am definitely gonna scream with delight when my birthday arrives, (hope the neighbours are out!)
What a difference a year makes, I was 50 last year but spent my birthday and 5 and a half months in hospital, missing my party and most of the summer,, I would rather die than go back to that hospital ward again. I am so grateful that I can enjoy paper crafting again....Thank You LORD

thanks for looking
Crafteresa xx

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