Saturday, 22 February 2014

Mobile Again YAY \0/

Today was a much better and brighter day for me, I have been struggling a lot since the mobility scooter which friends had loaned me ceased to work. it was just dead!!! I didn't have the money to fix it and believed I had broken it so I should pay for it, therefore, I have been without wheels for a few weeks.
Even though it was bit chilly at Fairhaven Lake in St Annes due to a brisk breeze coming off the sea
I couldn't wait to get out in the fresh air, and Lulu my Westie was well pleased too.
 having that little bit of independence again sure put a smile on my face...
looking back over the last few weeks, it felt like 'd had my wings clipped!
well the battery has been replaced and I am now able to enjoy a measure of freedom again.

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