Thursday, 27 February 2014

Guard Your Heart

I've been thinking....

It's not what we say that really makes a difference is cheap and no-one listens anyway
Its not even what we shout from the rooftops.....
 loud mouthed idiots are plentiful and people are still deaf!
Life is more about what we DO! 
Actions speak louder than words they say...
the real power, the source of real life, 
really begins with what lays secretly deep within our heart 
before anyone has heard it or seen its actions
our heart really does rule our head!

Both Hitler and Mother Teresa had a heart
ones source was the devil the other ones source was God
one was full of hatred but the other full of love,
one was full of death but the other full of life
we all know what followed in their lives
the fruit of their heart,
their actions are known all over the world

Guard Your heart above all else, 
for it determines the course of your life
proverbs 4:23

who or what is the source of your heart?
and as a result what is it full of?

Thanks for Visiting enjoy your day Love Crafteresa

1 comment:

brenda said...

Very emotive thoughts Teresa, but you are spot on. To me Mother Teresa was a sheer inspiration and I feel sure that helped build the special bond Lady Di clearly had with her.

I have a couple of really old Penny Black sentiment which I use often, taken from Mother Teresa's quotes.

Anyhow, I came to answer your question, it is a Spellbinder which I got in the States, it's a new one and should be available to buy in the UK any time now.

B x