Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fellowship at Williamson Park Lancaster

I went to Wiliamson Park in Lancaster today with my Kev and some members of Fylde Christian Service Church
It was a good day although the weather was a bit dull and damp till the afternoon, we all had a good laugh and enjoyed each others fellowship.

This time last year I didn't know any of these people, I joined the church on January 1st 2012 after visiting during December. God had led me there after the funeral of a very close friend. He told me very plainly at the funeral that He wanted me back in fellowship. I had not been to church for a while, life had been tough and I had stepped away. But at the funeral I made a decision to seek after God again and trust Him to lead me to a new church home! The goodness of the Lord leads to repentance!
I never understood that fellowship was that important, I believed the lie that I could walk with God alone, how wrong was that! Now I am enjoying life as part of a church family, I have new friends fantastic cell group leaders and a Pastor and leadership who have already loved me and Kev through some heavy stuff.
I will never dismiss the importance of fellowship again. Kev and I are going through some even tougher stuff now and the thought of battling through this serious life changing stuff without the love and guidance of my pastor Steve Moss, his wife Tess and the people of Fylde Christian Service church is now an incomprehensible thought, I know I would have crumbled by now on my own, I am so glad I heard him call me back into fellowship and gave me the heart to obey Him!
Thank You God that you love me, that you have placed me in a fellowship where I can know You, a place where I can live the life and share the life! AMEN

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