Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Live The Life Share The Life

I am really enjoying my life at Fylde Christian Service Church. This sunday Pastor Steve Moss shared a fabulous message but I just want to share one phrase with you that has resonated within my heart all week......
Perhaps you are thinking whats so amazing about that? well that IS the point! that's what Christianity is all about.
LIVING THE LIFE, walking through my life step by step with Him, the good days and the bad days in fellowship with Him, talking, listening letting Him minister to me, my failings, my hurts etc recieving His strength, his love joy peace direction etc and justsimply doing what the disciples did...they followed Him.

SHARE THE LIFE, doing just that!! sharing with others what God is doing in and through me, being a vessel for Him to work through, loving people, listening to them, having compassion for them praying for them and helping them to find Him. its such a simple message why complicate it?
Jesus walked amongst the people. He shared His life, that abundant life that He came to give (John 10:10). it's not complicated at all, He came so that we may come to Him!
If you want to know more then contact me, I dont want a big scriptural debate I just want to help anyone who wants to find Him, I just want to touch people and share the love I have found in Him, my heart just wants to Live the Life and Share the Life

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